Which is More Better: Fish Oil vs Krill Oil?

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Which is More Better: Fish Oil vs Krill Oil?

Krill Oil

Krill are aquatic creatures found in deep part of oceans across the globe. They feed more on algae and many sea predators like penguins, squids, etc, eat krill as food. Fish oil is commonly known by the populace but only fewer individuals know about krill oil. Krill oil is most rich in two kinds of omega 3 fatty acid eicosapentaenoic acids and docosahexaenoic acid (EPA and DHA) which contain most of the health benefits in it. Krill oil has a reddish color which makes it different from fish oil that is having a shade of yellow color. Krill oil is used as a supplement that helps to reduce inflammation and lower cholesterol in the body.

Facts about Fish Oil and Cod Liver Oil

Although fish oil and cod liver oil are gotten from the same source (fish) and share the same fatty acid level, they are two different kinds of oil.

Fish oil is gotten from the body of cod, herring and other types of oily fish group. It has little of vitamin A and D, but rich in omega -3 fatty acids, while cold liver oil is gotten from the liver of codfish. It is nor rich in omega -3, but very rich in vitamins A and D.

Comparisons between Krill Oil and Fish Oil

Many people have come to derive their reviews and opinion about krill oil and fish oil; both oils have their health benefits but also have their differences. Below are a few comparisons that have been properly researched about krill oil and fish oil.

The Body Tend to Absorb Krill Oil Better than Fish Oil: It is a fact that both oils are rich in omega-3 fatty acid. According to research, the body tends to absorb the fatty acid in krill oil more than those in fish oil.

Krill Oil Contains More Antioxidants than Fish Oil: An oxidant called astaxanthin can be found in krill oil which is not found in most fish oil. The antioxidant helps to defend the body from cell damage triggered by molecules known as free radicals and also provides some other health benefits.

Krill Oil May Improve Heart Health More Than Fish Oil: Krill oil improves heart health better than fish oil according to research. Though fish oil is also beneficial to the heart krill oil is much more effective.

Krill Oil is More Expensive than Fish Oil and Scarce: The main advantage that fish oil has over krill oil is that it is very cheap and can be found almost in every store, while krill oil is expensive and can’t be easily accessible.

Cholesterol: Fish oil Vs Krill Oil

Krill are mostly rich in seafood. These two oils have not been confirmed to know the one that can help lower cholesterol in the body. Both have almost the same nutrients and can be used as alternatives for each other, but the phospholipid present in krill oil makes it easier for the body to absorb it.

Should You Take Krill Oil or Fish Oil?

Taking krill oil or fish oil depends on the user according to the analysis and comparison made. Fish oil and krill oil has almost the same health benefit, also, both are rich in omega-3 fatty acid.

Though, some opinion reveals that krill oil is better than fish oil at minimizing the risk for heart diseases, no confirmation to back this up from the experts.

Also, the price factor and the availability might tend to make fish oil more acceptable than krill oil. But it also depends on an individual’s location, because in some location one can be able to get krill oil though the price might be high.

Base on one’s health condition, it might be necessary for an individual to contact a physician to know when to take krill oil or fish oil. Also, if any allergy is experienced contact the physician immediately.

Vital Health Benefit of Krill Oil

The health benefits of krill oil are listed below. Notwithstanding, fish oil has similar health benefits. Only that krill oil is more effective than fish oil.

  • The presence of Omega-3 in Krill oil gives it the ability to enhance the cardiovascular health, fights inflammation in the blood vessel and lower blood sugar in case of diabetes. It drastically brings down bad cholesterol level and raises good cholesterol. It reduces the risk of strokes and heart attacks by preventing atherosclerosis.

  • According to research by experts, it has been proven that krill oil can prevent arthritis.

  • It is also very effective in the development of the nervous system, eyes, and brain in newborn babies. Also, it is very active for pregnant women.

  • It has the ability to improve one’s mood. Experts believe that the presence of DHA and EPA act as antidepressants. The EPA is said to diminish inflammation in the brain, while the DHA regulates the effects on mood and lighten depression

  • According to research and experiment made on animals, it has been said that omega-3 might aid in the treatment of H. Pylori by reducing gastric inflammation.

What are the Side effects of fish oil?

These points also apply to krill oil. When a product is consumed above the normal dosage it is bound to give some side effects. So since fish oil is the most seen around let’s take a deep look into the side effects of fish oil when consumed in large quantity.

  • Fish oil is gotten from oily fish and oily fish contain mercury which is a good sample of toxin

  • Consumption of fish oil might worsen the symptoms in case of Bipolar disorder.

  • When people with liver scarring, a liver disease, consumes fish oil, they increase the chances of bleeding.

  • In the case of depression, using fish oil might lead to an increase in some of the symptoms of the situation.

  • In cases of diabetes, it is said that too much usage of fish oil might obstruct the control of the sugar blood level.

  • People in a condition like familial adenomatous polyposis might face increased chances of getting cancer when fish oil is consumed.

  • Fish oil can lower blood pressure.

  • For those experiencing HIV/AIDS or other worse condition that affects the immune system, using much quantity of fish oil can further weaken their immune system.

Krill Oil and Fish Oil: Which is good for Bodybuilding?

There are lots of health benefits in krill and fish oil that are very beneficial to bodybuilders and athletes. The two oils are rich in omega-3 fatty acids which is very useful for a good physical health condition. It has the ability to boost strength, and maintain overall health to the blood and cardiovascular system.

The presence of fatty acids in both oils is important for muscle growth.

These fatty acids assume a major part in keeping up the dependability of cells, and they are fundamental for cell partition, making them basic for muscle growth. Omega-3 has likewise been appeared to improve sensitivity, which can be a genuine lift, especially amid a strenuous preparing administration or a cutting cycle, when individuals battle to be at their psychological pinnacle.

Most bodybuilders and athletes often suffer from joints wear and tear, due to years of training. This can develop into inflammation or pain that might eventually prevent them from going to the gym. The anti-inflammatory agents in omega-3 fatty acids are very active and effective for quick recovery in such condition. Krill and fish oil are very supportive of preventing wear and tear.

Omega-3 fatty acid present in krill and fish oil helps to sustain a lean body mass and makes the body more responsive to amino acids and anabolic hormone. Amino acids are essential nutrient needed for bodybuilding. So the omega-3 fatty acid helps bodybuilders to achieve more muscle.

The Best Krill Oil Dosage for You

After all, these write up about krill and fish oil, it is necessary for one to know the right dosage so as not to fall on the victim of the side effects. These oils can be used for cooking food but it is good to first test it before using.

First, it is significant to know that both oils are obtainable in capsules, liquid, and chewable types. These oils are available in 500mg to 1g per capsule. The average dosage for adults is 1 to 3 grams of krill or fish each day. Though a physician stands in the better place to prescribe to you what is especially good for your health.

Note that much of omega-3 fatty acids are not good because it will increase the chances of you falling victim to the side effects.

Other factors that may determine the intake of krill and fish oil are an individual’s health condition, age and usage of other kinds of drugs might prevent one or caution the intake of the oil. It should be noted that after taking some weight loss medication a gap of 2 to 3 hours should be maintained before considering taking krill or fish oil.

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