Top Best Blenders for Smoothies

Top Best Blenders for

Top Best Blenders for Smoothies

A blender is an appliance that is mostly found in the kitchen, it is used for mixing different kind of soft foods together, and for grinding foods. However blenders do not only grind or mix liquid foods, it can also mix and grind harder foods or dry foods, depending on the strength of its blade.

Blenders are also used for blending smoothies. In this case, we want to find out the top best blenders that are very well excellent for blending smoothies.

Looking out for a good blender for smoothies means getting a blender that can mix all the ingredients, save your time and blend without having to add much water before getting your desired result. Blenders vary from sizes, capacity, and speed. Getting a good blender means sparing some dollars because they are not that cheap. When a good blender is used for a smoothie, you will definitely know the difference between the quality tastes of the smoothie from when it is made with low-quality blender.

Below are some well-known blenders that are available in the market with good pricing for anyone that wants to get it alongside the benefits of using each blender.

  • The Breville Hemisphere Control Blender

This blade in this product is made to grind all ingredients evenly. It is Fantastic for blending ice and frozen fruits. With just one press on the button, you don’t have to stop because ingredient hardly gets stuck to the blade. Its price is just on the average.

  • The BlendTec Designer Series Wildside

This blender is very rugged, mostly good for grinding harder foods and with a high speed it does the work smoothly. It is portable and has a wide base that makes it easy to get contents out of the blender safely. It does not need any added pressure at the top with a tamper to make it blend fine due to its unique design.

  • The Margaritaville Frozen-Concoction Maker

This blender is mostly good for frozen food. It is great for frozen smoothies and cocktails. It does the blending perfectly and easy to wash.

  • The Ninja Professional Blender with Single Server

This is also an option to go for if one can’t afford those expensive ones. It can grind smoothies ingredient very well and can also be used to crush ice for frozen smoothies

  • The Vitamix Professional series 750

This blender is a very popular one in the market. Though, it is not too cheap. It has a flexible speed control for various types of foods. Its high speed makes it blend very fast and in a few minutes, you are done. It is very easy to maintain after use. It has a tamper that can be used to add pressure on the contents to make it blend well.

  • The Oster Versa Powerful Performance Blender

This blender, though cheap but competes with the Vitamix blender in all features, and also, possesses some extra quality feature. It has a good speed and capacity to grinds nut smoothly according to the setting.

  • The Omega BL630 Variable Speed Blender

This blender is designed excellently well for smoothies and soups. It has good motor and strong blades. Very rugged, durable and lasts long.

  • The Mini Portable Rechargeable USB Electric Fruit Juicer Blender

This is one of the best portable blenders in the market; with the USB cable blending is made easy anywhere. This is most suitable for fruits liquids and vegetables. One good thing about this is that one can blend and drink from the same bottle.

  • The Hamilton Beach Power Elite Multi-Function Blender

This blender is very unique because of its various blending options; up to 12 options. It blends frozen fruits, ice and all kinds of ingredient so well. It is a good alternative for those that can’t afford expensive blenders.

Quality blenders for Green Smoothies

Before thinking about getting a blender for a green smoothie, one needs to question what need he or she wants to meet. However, whether the blender is for a personal use or for a large number of people, there are good blenders that are available in the market for this purpose. Some are cheap while some are expensive but, your need will definitely be met.

The above-listed blenders are also very excellent for the making of green smoothies. They will serve their purpose and give you that smoothness you want or desire.

Special Features to Look Out For When Buying Blender for Frozen Fruits and Crushing Ice

Before you set out to buy a blender or next time when you want to get a blender, there are certain things you need to look out for in the blender and if the blender does not possess all the features listed below then you don’t have to waste your cash on it. True, choices can be hard to make when you are in a frantic search for something nice, fortunately, with this listed facts you should be able to make the right choice and spend your cash wisely without regret. These are the key factors to consider when making plans to buying a good blender for smoothies.

  • Search for Blenders with Powerful Motor

Look for a blender with a powerful motor, because a good speed blender will make the blade work blend fine and smoothly. If you want to save yourself or love ones from chewing their smoothies, then go for the one with a high-quality motor, anyone as close to 1000 watt is a good one.

  • Search for the one that will serve your daily use

Definitely, you would want to use your blender almost every day. So it is wise to look out for long-lasting and high-quality blender. This might cost you more, but in the end, you will enjoy the value. Don’t go after the cheap ones that will later cost you some cash to fix when it breaks down. A good blender with quality maintenance by the user should last up to 5 years maximum. Don’t settle for the less.

  • Search for Blenders with Warranty

Just as you know all good product might not be properly fixed. So to save yourself the stress of worrying when a new blender goes bad due to technical issues, always watch out for blenders with warranty for all its parts, and the warranty must be more than 1 year.

  • Choose a Blender with good Capacity

This is all about the size of the blending bowl. Choose the one that can contain more content. Remember; don’t make more than what you can drink in case of ice smoothies, the ice will melt off and might lose its quality before you come back to it again.

  • Get a Blender that you can easily disassemble and assemble without stress

Some blenders can be very technical and if you don’t know how to fix them you might find your self in the hook. So, try to look out for blenders that you can easily disassemble, clean and fix back without any stress.

Best Model of Ninja Blenders for Smoothies

Are you a fan of the Ninja blenders? Then you can read down to see the one that might suit you best. For personal use; bachelors, spinsters or a student away from home at school, the best ninja blender for you is the Ninja Auto IQ, it is fantastic for nuts, ice, and seeds; and for small families, Ninja Master Prep is just okay.

How to Make a Healthy and Lip-smacking Smoothie

Are you looking for a step to step of how to get make a good and healthy smoothie that will give you a fresh long-lasting memory of a good drink? Then follow these rules and you will get just the right result that you want.

  • First, you need to get fresh ingredients according to the blend of smoothie you want to make.

  • Find a good balance of those ingredients in the right proportion; fruit, liquid, healthy fat, greens, boosters, herbs or spices, and ice.

  • Look for a healthy sweetener; a pure honey, molasses, or pure maple syrup could be better

  • You could choose to layer up by adding harder ingredients like fruits or whole nut. Also, you could top up with protein powder, green and nut butter, oats etc.

  • If you want to chew more on your smoothies, then you don’t have to blend for long. But for those that love smoothly blended smoothies, then there is a need to blend for a long time to enable every ingredient to reach a perfect blend.

  • Top it up with ice. After blending and getting the right result you want then if you need to, you could add top up with ice and blend again depending on your choice.

  • Drink up. It is advisable to drink smoothies immediately after preparing it. It will thicken and taste lesser than when it is fresh if you allow it to sit for 20 to 30 minutes. Though, it can be preserved in the refrigerator.

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